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Our Services

1. Tax Planning
Our tax planning  service incorporates a service to assist clients in planning for the fulfillment of their tax obligations efficiently by complying with the applicable tax regulations.


2. Tax Review
Tax review includes evaluation on clients’ compliance over tax obligations and evaluation on due tax responsibility. Along this process of review our tax consultant will render advices and recommendations on improvement of the client’s tax management system.


3. Preparation for Tax Return 
We provide assistance for our clients to prepare their Tax Return (SPT) monthly or Annual Tax Return which incorporates the entire tax obligations such as Income Tax Article 21, Income Tax Article 23/26, Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, etc.


4. Tax Audit Assistance 
Our tax consultants provide assistance to clients at the audit conducted by tax authority. This assistance begins with the research on potential setbacks to be identified by the team of auditors, and then assist with the necessary corrections needed, representing and answering questions on the behalf of the clients all the way to partaking in the final discussion on audit findings together with the tax auditor(s).


5. Tax Consultation
Our service in tax consultation means rendering consultation service throughout the year in the framework to provide direction for the clients on managing their tax efficiently.


6. Tax Administration
This service includes assistance in organizing clients’ tax documentation which covers tax payer identification numbers (NPWP), letters of certifications, taxpayer enterprise, obtaining license/tax facilities from tax authorities, etc.

1. Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping service encompasses the entire process of clients’ financial reporting system which begins with a drafting of chart of account, account identification (numbering) on journal vouchers, recording of transactions in the journal using accounting software,  and then administration of the ledger and trial balance, all the way to  presentation of financial statements and the supporting schedules.


2. Reconciliation
Reconciliation service includes matching of one accounting records against another or against transaction evidences. The general purpose of reconciliation is to explain any discrepancies that emerge on accounting records. This kind of work often requires a high level meticulousness in order to identify the discrepancies which can then be used as the basis for further improvement by the client’s management.


3. Supervision on Accounts Preparation 
Supervision on financial statements preparation is a service provided by our professional team in assisting supervision and directing our client’s accounting staff in order to be able to generate a reliable financial statements which complies with the applicable Accounting standard (PSAK).


4.  Accounting Staff Outsourcing
In the framework to assist our clients in fine-tuning their business management, our consultants provide a service in procuring outsourcing accounting professionals to be hired at our clients’ office. With such premium service, anything related to accounting and financial reporting can be undertaken by our professional staff and therefore allowing the client’s management to simply use the financial information prepared for a better decision-making benefits.

1. Debt restructuring

2. Merger & Acquisition

3. Business Valuation

4. Corporate Secretary

1. Internal Audit

2. Financial due diligence

3. Agreed upon Procedures

4. Investigation

5. Research and Training on Audit

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